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Appearing at Sutherland Local Court and across Greater Sydney, we are available for all number of criminal and traffic matters, no matter how urgent or complex.
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Going to court is a stressful experience.

There are rules and formalities to be followed, and every word matters when you know there’s a judgment waiting for you at the end of it all.

Having a lawyer offers some pretty obvious benefits. Courtroom experience, years of legal training, and shield between you as the client and the magistrate on the bench.

It is unavoidable that going to court will cause stress. But having the right lawyer in your corner means that you will be supported and that your best case will be presented.

Whether it is a plea of guilty or not guilty, traffic offence or a criminal charge, legal representation ensures that no stone is left unturned in obtaining your best outcome.

Muscat & Co provides legal representation at Sutherland Local Court, and in local courts throughout Sydney and some regional NSW centres.

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Local Court & Traffic Offence Services

Local Court

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