Wills, Powers of Attorney & Estate Planning

Helping you protect your assets and care for your family through the preparation of Wills, trusts and enduring Power of Attorney appointments.
Wills and Estates

Drafting a Will

No matter your age or personal circumstances, it is always good practice to have your Will in order. 

Located conveniently in the Sutherland Shire near Sutherland train station, our firm has extensive experience in estate planning, and can offer you straightforward, practical advice ranging from the basics such as choosing the right executor, to more complex considerations including testamentary and special trusts and strategies to avoid Will contests.

Our aim is to provide the expertise you need to make fully informed and legally effective decisions as to how and to whom your assets are devised.

Call us to arrange an appointment and allow our experience take the guesswork and stress out of making your Will.

Powers of Attorney & Guardianship

Imagine this scenario.

A loved one suffers an ailment that significantly impairs their ability to make decisions and care for themselves. Doctors determine that the prognosis is poor and full time care is required.

Decisions need to be made. Where will they move to? What assets will be liquidated to pay for it? How will ongoing weekly expenses be paid? Who can sign all the necessary paperwork?

An enduring Power of Attorney (EPOA) and enduring Guardianship (EG) is the simple answer to all of these questions.

The EPOA allows you to appoint someone to handle your financial affairs, while the EG allows you to appoint someone for all medical and health matters. With the advice and signature of a lawyer, these documents can be made ‘enduring’ so they continue to work even if you later lose capacity. 

Having an EPOA and an EG just makes sense.  Call us to arrange a conference and allow our experience to help you make the right enduring appointments.

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